Triple Threat Games

Welcome to the New Mid Atlantic "Triple Threat" Martial Arts Games.  We have had good success
with the Four Seasons Martial Arts Games, but have decided to do something a little different in the
awarding of a Regional Championship.

We have added a 3rd event each year, thus the name "Triple Threat Games"

All Competitors can earn pts for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place wins only.   If you enter a division and
there is no one else in that division, you will earn 1 pt unless there is a chance for you to move to a
different division (which is not always the case and It is up to the discretion of the tournament
promoter.)  If you do have the opportunity to move to another division (because no one was in your
division) you will not earn the 1 pt, and will take your chances of winning pts in the division you are

We are working with a new concept for winning this year, which we hope will be extremely fair for
everyone.   And we are awarding Cash Prizes starting this year.
Here's how it works:

There will be 2 categories:   Adults (18 yrs & over),  Kids (17 yrs & under).
All belt ranks and ages are eligible.

1st place winners (any age/any belt rank) will be awarded 11 pts
2nd place winners (any age/any belt rank) will be awarded 9 pts
3rd place winners (any age/any belt rank) will be awarded 5 pts
4th place winners (any age/any belt rank) will be awarded 3 pts
If you enter a division and no one is in it, you will be awarded 1 pt
If you win a Grand Championship.............. you will be awarded 4 pts

What makes this fair, is that anyone in any belt rank in their age category (adults or kids)  can earn
the most points and win the cash prize.  It all depends on how many divisions you enter at each
tournament and how many places you earn.

(ie: an intermediate adult competitors wins 1st places in 5 division at each event, he earns 55 pts,
and if he or she did this at all 3 events they would earn  165 pts.
    a Black Belt adult competitor wins 1st places in 3 divisions and 2 second places
at each event, he or she would earn 51 pts, and if he did this  all 3 events = 153 pts.
   a Beginner adult competitor wins 1st place in 4 divisions and 2nd in one division at each event, he
or she would earn 53 pts X 3 events = 159 pts)
Once again, it all depends on the amount of divisions entered and the pts won.

Thus the adult competitor, no matter what belt rank or age (18 & over), would win the Cash prize of
$300.00 plus Regional Champion Award and more.

The Junior competitor (17 and under) no matter what belt rank or age with the highest amount of
points for the 3 tournaments would win $150.00 cash prize plus Regional Championship Award.

We will be looking at all divisions and making adjustments, additions, deletions, etc.
to make sure it is fair for all belt ranks and ages.

The Cash and awards will be awarded at the 1st games of the next year.

Please check back for updated info, and good luck -  See you at the games.

Bruce Smith
Pres/WOMAA Int'l