We are International Ambassadors of Good Sportsmanship
WOMAA Int'l (World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes) was formed in 1998 to specifically host a World Class
tournament every year in a different country.  After several years of competing as part of other teams, and traveling to
different countries, I felt it was time to offer competitors from around the world the chance to have TRUE international
competition which is OPEN to All Styles, All Systems, All Belt Ranks (Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced and all Black
Belts), and all ages (kids and adults).  

As President of WOMAA Int'l, I got tired of people saying they were a World Champion, when all they did was either
compete against competitors from their own country, or, as they put it,  "two competitors from Europe who now lived in
Ohio."  With that in mind, WOMAA Int'l was formed.  

Our first event was held in April of 2000 in Sydney, Australia, with good response.  Since then, competitions have been
held in Hawaii, Ireland (4 times), Mexico, Spain, Germany, Wales and the East Coast of the U.S.  

Each year the events grow, and we add more countries to our WOMAA Int'l Family.  Starting in 2011, we added Ring
Sports to our growing list of divisions.  At present the WOMAA World Martial Games consists of  MAT SPORTS  
(ie: Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Traditional Weapons, Open and Musical Weapons, Traditional Forms, Open
and Musical Forms, Extreme Forms, Gi Grappling, Freestyle Jujitsu, Freestyle Judo, Breaking, Self Defense, Team
Fighting, Jr. Team Fighting, Team Forms, WOMAA Black Belt Continuous Fighting World Title Belt, 0ver 20 Grand
Championships and more), also RING SPORTS  (ie: Full Contact Kickboxing, K-1 Rules Kickboxing, MMA and No Gi
Submission Grappling).   Over 450 Divisions in 3 days of intense competition.  Over $20,000 in cash and awards.

Every year WOMAA Int'l strives to offer competitors the best in World Class Competition.  The Olympics offers only
two types of martial arts:  Judo and Tae Kwon Do and only for Black Belts.  WOMAA Int'l offers something for
everyone: All Ages, All Belt Ranks, All Styles and Systems.  All competitors who compete in the WOMAA World
Martial Games are of Olympic Caliber and travel each year to the games to find out who will win the Gold and earn the
right to become a WOMAA World Champion.  We invite the World's Martial Athletes to come and compete and "Dare
to take the Challenge".  

Our WOMAA Int'l Officers are:

Mr. Bruce C. Smith,  WOMAA Int'l President and Founder
8th Degree Black Belt, AKKI American Kenpo Karate
Member AKKI Board of Directors, and Mid Atlantic Regional Director

Mr. T. Rondo Van Clief.  WOMAA Int'l Senior. Vice President
Martial Art: Goju Ryu
WOMAA Int'l Chief Judge/Referee Certification Instructor
WOMAA Int'l Chief Arbitrator
WAKO Int'l Chief Judge/Referee Certification Instructor
Int'l WAKO Board Member
WAKO U.S.A. President

Dr. Alfred Garbutt III, WOMAA Int' Vice President
Martial Art:  Various Systems
WOMAA Int'l Sports Medicine Director

Master Ron Jenkins and Carolyn Jenkins
WOMAA Int'l Tournament Coordinators

If you are interested, not only in great competition, but True World Class competition,  then come join other World
Class Martial Athletes each year at the WOMAA World Martial Games.  "Dare to Take the Challenge"  
What is WOMAA Int'l ?