Next Triple Threat Games   -  December 6th, 2014.

All Games are Qualifiers for the WOMAA World Martial Games XV, July
24,25,26,2015 in Cardiff, Wales.  Qualify to join TEAM AMERICA and earn
your place in history as a World Champion at the WOMAA Games.

Tony Reynolds - MAAD Martial Arts Championship -
November 8th,  Milford - Boys and Girls Club
New at the Triple Threat Games:

This is a new, fun and exciting trial aspect to the games for
both Males and Females.    
All safety equipment such as special headgear, bodygear,
gloves, etc. for two people, as well as soft clubs and soft
swords will be furnished.  Standard safety equipment must
still be used (mouthpiece, shin guards, cup and supporter
for males). Allowed to participate will be kids ages 8 yrs and
over.  Kids will be age and height specific.  Adults will be

All scoring will be done above the waist and will be
explained at the event.  All competitors wanting to try this
must be a registered competitor on the day of the Triple
Threat Games.  There will be NO CHARGE for this exhibition
event, NO awards will be given.  Starting in 2015, if it goes
over well, we will make it a regular event at the games and
award medals, etc.  There will be a $10 charge to enter this
specialized division in 2015.  It will not be part of the regular

Three Divisions:  Double Stick, Single Stick, Sword !
(You choose which you want to do)

This is going to be fun and exciting, Mr. Smith will
personally oversee the refereeing of this event.

Safety, as always,  will be of Extreme Importance !

You will Want to Try this.  Contact Mr. Smith for Info.