W.O.M.A.A. International
Gi Grapping and Freestyle Jujitsu
WOMAA Int'l includes in it's Mat Sports Divisions
Gi Grappling and Freestyle Jujitsu (also called Kickjutsu)

At the World Martial Games each year WOMAA offers
17  Divisions of Freestyle Jujitsu and
28 Divisions of Gi Grappling
each with different age groups and weight classes.

We encourage all countries to send competitors to compete in these
popular divisions and pit your skills against the World.

(We also offer Ring Sports which includes Full Contact Kickboxing,
K-1 Rules Kickboxing, MMA and No Gi Submission Grappling
For info on these check the Ring Sports section.)
This page will be dedicated to each country's Grappling and Freestyle Jujitsu Programs as
pertaining to World Competitions.  Please send info to WOMAA Int'l Hdqtrs.  (

The WOMAA International Director for Ring Sports and for Grappling and Freestyle Jujitsu is
Master Cris Janson Piers, WOMAA GBR President.
WOMAA U.S.A. Grappling Directors:  Mr. Derek
Darling and Mr. Josh Henges.