Breaking Division Cost (separate cost) 25 Euros, plus 8 euros for cost of boards per person.*

When entering the Breaking area the competitor must bow to all Officials

* When addressing all officials, he/she will address them as Sir/Ma'am.

*  Competitor will then proceed to tell main official which his/her chosen break is.

*  Competitors will set up in front of the breaking apparatus in a Traditional Martial
arts stance. (ie: walking, L stance, etc.)

*  Competitors will be given 1 measure followed immediately by their attempt at break.
If they do an additional measure, they will receive a warning.  If this happens again
this will result in immediate disqualification.

*  When break is completed, judges will raise a blue flag for successful break or red
flag for unsuccessful break.  All boards must break for blue flag to be raised.  Damaged,
cracked or split boards after break is classed as a complete break.

*  All boards/timber will be supplied by the competition organizer to show fairness across
the competitors.  Each competitor will be responsible for paying 8 euros per person to cover
the cost of the boards that they are breaking.  A breaking stand will be supplied by the

Senior Male
Weight Categories:  -70kg, -90kg, +90kg

Senior Female
Weight Categories:  -55kg,  -75kg,  +75kg

Hand Techniques - (Choice)

Front Punch
Knife hand strike
or Ridge Hand Strike

All hand techniques have an elimination of 4 -1" boards

Competitors who complete the eliminations will move into a knockout section, where the
maximum number of boards broken decides the winner of each division.

Foot techniques:
Step in Side Kick
Rear Leg Side Kick
Rear Leg Turning (Round) Kick

All Foot techniques have an eliminations of 6 - 1" boards

Competitors who compete the eliminations will move into a knockout section
where the maximum number of boards broken decides the winner of each division.

OPEN weight POWER Grand Champion.

Male:  Downward elbow strike.  10 boards no spacers

Female:  Downward elbow strike.  6 boards no spacers.


Male and Female

JUMP SPINNING HOOK KICK.   Boards 1 foot above competitors head.

Board will be held by a judge by 2 fingers.

Board will be a half inch board.  

You may pre register online for the Breaking Divisions, or you may register the days of the
events.   But please notify WOMAA Int'l hdqtrs, of your intention to participate in the Breaking
Divisions by email (info@womaa.com), so we get an idea of how many boards to get.